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Pentecostals of Columbia Staff

Bible Study Director

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Lisa Clark





Children's Ministries Directors


Jonnie Tharp

Justin Hudson began attending the Pentecostals of Columbia in 2005 and has been on the Children's Ministry staff since 2008. Justin has attended a Pentecostal church since birth and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 5. He is very passionate about ministry and is involved in not only the local assembly, but also the Pentecostal District of Tennessee. He teaches one of the middle and high school aged student classes at the POC, is a member of Praise in Motion, outreach, and is beginning to grow a teaching and preaching ministry.

Ladies Ministries Director

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Angela Redd is the wife of Keith Redd of 33 years, mother of two wonderful children and grandmother to four terrific grandchildren.  Angela is daughter of Rev. C.E. George who pastored for forty-seven years in Arkansas.  She is the middle of eleven children.  She has been involved in church ministries for about forty-five years, ministries such as choir, ladies ministry, praise teams and outreach.  Her passion and love for the work of God and the people around her has blessed our church in numerous ways. We are looking forward to more awesome things that God will do with this willing vessel.

Music Director

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Wendy Anderson, Music Minister of the Pentecostal Church of Columbia, is the youngest child of Pastor Telford Tharp and his wife Jonnie Tharp.  She came here with her family to pastor the church thirty five years ago.  Wendy was eight years old at the time. She began to take piano lessons at a very young age and had various instructors.  Later she was also instructed to play the organ.  Wendy always loved to sing, and her talents and greatly anointed ministry have tremendously enhanced the worship services of this church.

Outreach Directors

Dedra Geater

Student Ministries Directors

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James and Arlene Baskin

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Conner and Kaitlyn Holt have both been raised in Pentecost. Conner, a lifelong member of the Pentecostals of Columbia, has always assumed a leadership role with the students of the POC, first as a peer leader and now on the Student Ministry staff. He is also a teacher in one of our student classes. Kaitlyn began attending the POC in 2005 and is extremely passionate about children and student ministries.She teaches one of POC's children's classes, works with our children's choir, and helps to direct our yearly children's drama. Both Conner and Kaitlyn are members of Praise in Motion and are always looking to help the POC in any way possible. 2014 was a big year for Conner and Kaitlyn, not only did they assume an official leadership role in the Student Ministry department, but they also married in June.


Melinda Luna